For Partnerships

For Partnerships

For providers

Our technology supports providers to make safer, more efficient, prescribing decisions. We support your organisation to achieve high value outcomes and patient-centred care by adding personalisation to the patient experience. Our goal is to support you and your patients to take ownership of reproductive health decisions and shared decision making.

We ensure the highest clinical standards:

  • Evidence-based research
  • UK and US MEC guidelines
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • Medically validated algorithm by expert OBGYNs

If you want to learn more, set up a time to walk through the Dama Health Platform with one of our team members by requesting a demo below:

Partner with us

At Dama we are driving the future of female health by conducting impactful research in the field of contraception and reproductive health, and we are starting from the beginning. We are collecting the right and relevant data to build better solutions, systems and services that truly service the needs of women.

Do you want to join us and help us on our mission of conducting inclusive, representative and evidence-based research? Or are you interested in getting involved in other partnership areas? We’d love to hear from you, get in touch using the contact form below.

Our most recent UK study

In November 2022, we launched a first-of-its-kind contraception research study in partnership with the Illumina accelerator program, with the aim of understanding the genetic factors associated with severe side effects on hormonal contraception. We wanted to investigate why some women and people assigned female at birth experience side effects on hormonal contraception whilst others don’t. As a small team of researchers and clinicians here at Dama, we began our study aiming (hoping!) for 500 participants. By early March 2023, we reached above 1,000 participants enrolling into our study. We're now in the analysis phase of the study so stay tuned.

Existing collaborations

We are currently working and affiliated with a number of credible research and innovation institutions including, Imperial College London, University College London, The University of Colorado, Illumina for Start-ups and KQ labs (a Francis Crick Accelerator Programme).