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Dama is on a mission to revolutionise the way women are prescribed contraception. Through evidence-based medicine and our own research we’ve created a person-centred screening approach to help end the trial-and-error process of contraception.

Our latest study was the first of its kind

The data we have collected from our study participants has allowed our team to study the severity of side effects of hormonal contraception across the female UK population at a level that has not been done before. More about our study below:

Hear from some of our incredible study participants on why they enrolled in the Dama genetics and contraception research study:

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When I came across the Dama health study, I knew I had to participate. I have strong opinions about it and there is little to no discussion about women's reproductive health and contraception! We shouldn't have to pick the best of bad options.

Participant one
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Participant two

I have been taking the combined pill...I couldn't be happier on it. I appreciate this is nor the same for everybody so when I saw the study I thought it was a great opportunity to contribute my positive experience, in case there is anything that can be learned about the interaction between my genetics and how well my body deals with the pill.

The person in personalised

At Dama we’re on a mission to personalise medicine. Our approach is only possible with the involvement of the whole community. Here is how you can take an active role in shaping the future of contraception and personalised medicine. See how women in the Dama community are already supporting:

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