We’ve reached 1,000+ study participants!


The Study Background

We launched a first-of-its-kind contraception research study in November 2022 with the aim of understanding the genetic factors associated with severe side effects on hormonal contraception. We wanted to understand why some women and people assigned female at birth experience side effects that cause them to stop their hormonal contraception altogether while others respond well to the same method.

As a small team of researchers and clinicians here at Dama, we began our study aiming (hoping!) for 500 participants across the UK to enrol. By early March 2023, we reached above 1,000 participants enrolling into our study. And more, we had participants share their stories with us.

Here are just some of those participant stories:

“I have just signed up for this study. It's hugely important and so needed.”
“I have PCOS and have suffered extensively for a long period of time both physically and psychologically using various contraception methods. They nearly ruined my life, so I'm really pleased that this is getting the research and focus that is much needed.”
“I love that more research is being done with contraceptive side effects.”
“I started using contraception aged 16 to help control irregular periods…The symptoms weren't awful aside from their lack of control over my period. Eventually I tried the implant and for a year, it was perfect! And then it really wasn't…Eventually I insisted this was wrong and a lovely Sexual Health Nurse and I decided the Mirena IUD would be the best thing for me…The 5 years of my Mirena were heavenly. No periods, very little side effects.”
“I have been taking the combined pill continually (breaks only when I spot around twice a year) for 5/6 years and I couldn’t be happier on it. I appreciate that this is not the same for everybody so when I saw the study I thought that it would be a really great opportunity to contribute my positive experience, in case there is anything that can be learned about the interaction between my genetics and how well my body deals with the pill.”

To our study participants, thank you for participating in this study. Your participation (both your time and saliva) help advance our mission of personalising contraception and help decrease the gender health gap.

What’s next?

We’re beginning the exciting and complex journey of analysing the study data. Stay tuned to hear about our insights in the coming months by joining our community newsletter.

Still interested in participating?

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